At East Coast Endodontics, we know the idea of a root canal can make people anxious. However, sometimes a root canal is necessary to maintain a healthy mouth and body. The good news is root canals are pain free.

For those who opt out of necessary root canal treatments or delay them unnecessarily the risks and consequences can be severe. They include:

1. Tooth Loss

The root canal procedure involves removing the infected or decaying part of a tooth and then cleaning and sealing it to prevent additional damage or infection. If this procedure is not performed in a timely manner the tooth cannot only become more infected, continue to decay and be far more painful but can result in loss of the entire tooth.

2. Systemic infection

Localized root canal infections that begin in one tooth can spread into surrounding bone, soft tissue or throughout your entire body via your bloodstream and as such cause serious and at times, life threatening complications and consequences.

3. Acute Abcess

An untreated root canal infection can not only spread infection throughout the body, but it can result in bone loss and possibly an acute abscess. An acute abscess is a collection of pus in an area of decay and/or infected tissue. Symptoms of an acute abscess include severe pain, significant swelling and fever. If not properly cared for an acute abscess can cause swelling around the lower jaw resulting in airway obstruction and difficulties breathing. Severe acute abcess infection in certain cases can spread to the brain.

4. Death

Infection that is left untreated not only results in more pain, discomfort and unnecessary costs, but in rare cases can result in death.

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