Root Canal Surgeries in Richmond, VA

Stressless and Pain-Free Root Canals

Occasionally an infection can develop or persist after root canal therapy. If this occurs, revision (retreatment) of the root canal may be required. If revision therapy is not successful in eradicating the infection, it may be necessary to perform root canal surgery to remove the damaged root tip(s) or apex and the surrounding infected tissue. This procedure is known as apical microsurgery or an apicoectomy.

Because we are able to perform this surgery under the microscope, our endodontists are able to look for additional canals, root structure, and possible cracks. We also implement bone grafting and collagen grafting materials to aid in healing. Your appointment will be done in house and will only take as long as a standard root canal. Our specialists have been professionally trained to successfully perform endodontic surgeries and provide you with the best chance of saving your tooth. Our endodontists will provide you with stress-free and painless dental care that will quickly relieve your toothache and restore your vibrant, healthy smile all while keeping costs relatively low and recovery times fast. Schedule your consultation with one of our oral surgeons by contacting us online or calling our offices in Mechanicsville (804.559.3636), Midlothian (804.838.3636) or Short Pump (804.506.3636).

Dr. Sarnowski performs root canal surgery.

When is Endodontic Surgery Necessary

Generally, root canals are necessary when the nerves located in the dental pulp chamber become damaged by injury or infections caused by decay. Many patients will experience toothaches that intensify the longer they wait for treatment. Occasionally, nonsurgical root canal therapy alone will not be able to save your tooth. This usually occurs as the result of

  • A traditional retreatment being too complicated and endodontic surgery is the only way to properly reclean the canal. 
  • Traditional instruments can not reach the more narrow canals of your tooth. Calcium deposits are often the cause of this problem by making canals too narrow. 
  • Persistent symptoms, but no problems appear on your dental x-rays, our specialists in Richmond may have to perform endodontic surgery to find tiny fractures or canals that traditional nonsurgical treatments may have missed. 
  • More complicated infections and decay around the root surfaces or surrounding bone.
  • Our specialists trying to save your tooth before a dental extraction is required. 

Common Symptoms to Look Out For

If you experience any of the following symptoms, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our specialists in the Richmond area: 

  1. Continuous, severe pain
  2. Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  3. Sudden tooth discoloration
  4. Dental abscesses forming on your gums
  5. Pain when touched, biting, or chewing

Our Root Canal Surgeries in Mechanicsville, Midlothian, and Short Pump, VA

Our endodontic surgeries (apicoectomy) usually take about the same amount of time as a normal root canal (approximately one hour). Prior to the surgical root canal procedure, Dr. Harris will perform a thorough examination (including taking x-rays), diagnose and discuss the issue with you, and obtain verbal and written consent. 

On the day of surgery, Dr. Harris will administer local anesthetic and make an incision to gain access to the infected area. The tissue is then reflected, so he can visualize the defect/bone. Next the root tip is removed and the canal is prepared with ultrasonic tips. Using a ceiling-mounted surgical microscope with LED lighting, he will clean the area and remove the infected portion. The defect in the bone (fenestration) is also covered with a collagen membrane to prevent soft tissue ingrowth into the crypt. Bone grafting material can also be placed in the crypt when deemed necessary. Dr. Harris will then seal the canal After receiving resorbable sutures to close the flap, you can apply an ice pack for comfort.

Post-Op Care

After your endodontic surgery is complete, our specialists will take the time to review with you your post-op instructions. Most patients will take the day off if necessary and go home to relax. However, you can go back to work, so long as your job doesn’t require heavy lifting or dramatic increases in blood pressure; if it does, we recommend taking 72 hours to recover.You may be a little sore for a couple of days and experience some swelling, occasional bruising, or transient numbness following your root canal surgery, but our endodontists will be able to prescribe medications to alleviate any pain and make you more comfortable. Most patients are also able to drive home following their root canal dental surgery. Two to three days after your root canal surgery, you will return to the office for suture removal. After this follow-up appointment, Dr. Harris and his team will follow your recovery carefully, until healing is complete.

Sedation Options

Girl with toothache.

The endodontists at our Midlothian, Mechanicsville, and Short Pump offices will do everything they can to ensure that your dental surgery for root canal treatment is as pain free as possible. In most cases, our patients describe the surgical area like a “bad pizza burn” that usually settles down in a couple days. We can put patients to sleep, however the most common option is a local anesthetic which numbs the area surrounding your tooth. East Coast Endodontics’s Short Pump office also offers IV conscious sedation services for more anxious patients. Your oral surgeon will also provide you with pain medications to help with your recovery period.

Root Canal Surgery Costs

Most dental insurance plans will cover at least part, if not all, of the expenses for your root canal surgery. However, insurance plans do vary, so our team is always happy to discuss how to maximize your benefits or a payment plan on a case-by-case basis. If we do not participate directly with your insurance company, payment is due in full at the time of service, and you can submit a claim for reimbursement to your dental insurer afterward. Our offices also accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and CareCredit. 

Ready to Save Your Smile? 

When oral surgery for root canal treatment is necessary to save your teeth, there is no one better in Richmond than the specialists at East Coast Endodontics. All of our endodontists have been specially trained and boost years of experience in successfully performing root canal surgeries. Call one of our conveniently located offices in Mechanicsville (804-559-3636), Short Pump (804-506-3636), or Midlothian (804-838-3636) or contact us online to schedule your appointment and save your tooth before it’s too late!