Root Canal Technology

From our Richmond, Virginia office East Coast Endodontics employs the most cutting-edge technologies available to ensure your comfort and the best results.

Digital Radiography

All radiographs use digital sensors with an advanced non-film computerized system. Digital sensors reduce x-ray levels by more than 80 percent when compared to film-based dental x-ray systems. We store your digital x-rays in our computer system for easy access and efficient communication with your dentist.

Microscopes and Imaging

Special surgical microscopes assist with all stages of your endodontic treatment. We use magnification and fiber-optic illumination to provide superior treatment.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Our practice is one of the first in the Richmond, Virginia area to employ small-field computed tomography. This technology provides extremely high-resolution images of your jaws, allowing a three-dimensional view of areas of interest, while reducing radiation exposure. Recent research demonstrates that three-dimensional radiographic images show significantly more disease when compared to conventional two-dimensional radiographs. The radiation exposure is comparable to 3 digital periapical radiographs.


For your protection, we heat-sterilize or dispose of all instruments after use, and root canal treatment rooms are thoroughly disinfected between patients. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards of office cleanliness and sterility.