Richmond Cracked Teeth Repair

Same-Day Cracked Teeth Root Canals

Accidents happen! And sometimes those accidents result in cracked or fractured teeth. If you or your family are in need of fractured tooth repair in Richmond, come see us at East Coast Endodontics. Using top-of-the-line imaging and Gentlewave technology combined with years of experience, our endodontists can quickly diagnose and treat your cracked or fractured tooth, so you can get back to smiling your best again. Schedule your consultation with one of our endodontists by contacting us online or calling our offices in Mechanicsville (804.559.3636), Midlothian (804.838.3636), or Short Pump (804.506.3636).

“Sometimes teeth can develop cracks and, when not treated, this can have serious consequences for your oral health.”

What is a Cracked Tooth? 

A cracked tooth is a split that appears in a tooth or a number of teeth. Though teeth are made of the hardest material in the human body, normal wear and tear over time can weaken teeth and make them susceptible to breaking. In other cases, dental trauma can cause cracked teeth.

Causes of Cracked Teeth

  • Chewing or biting hard foods such as candy or ice 
  • A hit to the mouth
  • Age
  • Teeth grinding
  • Sudden changes in mouth temperature

Signs of a Cracked Tooth

  •  Pain while chewing, especially when releasing a bite
  •  Possible swelling in the gums
  •  Sensitivity to heat, cold, or sweetness 
  •  Inconsistent pain

Please keep in mind the cracks that form in teeth are often too small to detect visually and some can’t even be felt, so they may have no symptoms. Your best chance of detecting a cracked tooth is during a dental checkup so make sure to schedule them regularly!

What Happens If a Cracked Tooth Remains Untreated?

According to our specialists at East Coast Endodontics, if a cracked tooth remains untreated any pain you are feeling will likely continue and get worse. It’s also possible that the crack will continue to grow and infect the pulp inside the tooth until it cannot be restored. This can lead to an eventual root canal to remove infection or extraction.  

East Coast Endodontic’s Cracked Teeth Repair Services

So why come to East Coast Endodontics for your cracked tooth repair and root canals? Our endodontists – Dr. Harris, Dr. Sedwick, and Dr. Sarnowski – use cutting-edge technology combined with our extensive years of experience and specialized training to identify and treat your cracked teeth. 


Utilizing 3-D imaging and microscopes to create a detailed image of your teeth, our team is able to more accurately assess the damage caused by your cracked or fractured tooth. 


Treatment for cracked teeth repair at East Coast Endotonics usually takes about an hour and you leave our offices feeling confident in your care. As with any injury, there are different types of cracked teeth requiring different treatment methods either from our endodontists or your general dentist. 

Dr. Harris performs a cracked tooth root canal treatment.

Craze Lines

Craze lines are surface-level cracks that only affect the outer enamel of a tooth. This type of crack usually does not require treatment.

Fractured Cusp

A fractured cusp occurs when a piece of a tooth’s chewing surface breaks off and often appears around fillings. Your dentist will be able to repair fractured cusps with a filling or crown to protect your tooth from further damage. 

Cracked Tooth

A crack that goes through the tooth and is heading toward the gumline is a standard cracked tooth. This type of injury may be bonded or require a cracked tooth root canal depending on the severity.

Split Root

A split root is when a crack travels from the surface to below the gum line, effectively splitting the tooth into two separate pieces. Due to the severity of this type of crack, you will likely need root canal surgery or possibly an extraction.

Vertical Root Fracture

A vertical root fracture occurs below the gum line and moves upward into the root. This type of crack will generally require extraction by your dentist.

Ready to Fix Your Cracked Tooth? 

Cracking or fracturing a tooth of any kind can be a stressful experience. But at East Coast Endodontics, our team of specialists works hard to make this process as easy as possible using our years of knowledge and high-tech diagnostics. Reach out to our offices in Mechanicsville, Midlothian, and Short Pump today to see how we can help repair your cracked teeth today!