Root Canals for Kids in Richmond, VA

Painless and Highly Effective Procedures By Experienced Specialists

When your child is in pain due to a severe toothache, a root canal procedure may be the best way to save their natural teeth. The endodontists at both of our locations throughout Richmond have years of training and experience in treating children and can have them smiling again in no time. Our modern root canals for kids use GentleWave technology leading to faster, more effective procedures. With two convenient locations throughout Richmond, VA,, you can trust our family-friendly offices to provide your child with the very best in endodontic care. Schedule your child for a consultation with one of our specialists today by contacting us online or calling one of our offices in Mechanicsville (804.559.3636), Short Pump (804.506.3636), and Midlothian (804.838.3636) today!

When Are Root Canals for Kids Necessary? 

Root canals for children are recommended for teeth that have become damaged by decay or injury. Endodontic treatments will save their natural tooth and help restore its functionality. Their natural teeth will be stronger than the prosthetic teeth that are often required to restore their smile after a dental extraction.

The most common reason for a root canal is untreated cavities from poor oral hygiene, which will eat through your child’s tooth’s enamel and infect their dental pulp chamber (The area of the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels can be found). When left untreated, this can lead to serious oral and overall health infections and complications.

Root Canals on Baby Teeth

Typically, root canals are only performed on “adult” teeth, which means most of our pediatric patients are six years old or older. However, in certain situations we may recommend a root canal for baby teeth. Baby root canals are often used to to help children: 

  1. Maintaining proper spacing for permanent teeth
  2. Prevent damage to surrounding bones
  3. Preserve facial structure
  4. Proper functionality for speaking and chewing

Common Symptoms

If your kid experiences any of the following symptoms, we strongly recommend you schedule them for a consultation with one of our endodontists at our offices in Midlothian, Short Pump and Mechanicsville

  1. Extreme toothaches, especially when chewing
  2. Severe sensitivity to temperature changes
  3. Visible tooth decay or darkening of their gums
  4. Swollen or sensitive gums
  5. Dental abscesses (pus pockets around their gums)

Our Pediatric Root Canal Services

Our root canals for children are a very safe and effective procedure used to save their teeth. Our doctors are very patient and personable. We take our time with children and allow the parents to come back to ease their child’s fears. We want our pediatric patients to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their visit with us. 

Our endodontists will start by taking x-rays and completing a comprehensive examination of the infected tooth. We’ll then develop a personalized root canal treatment plan to deal with the infection. Our team will make sure you thoroughly understand what is going on with your child’s tooth and the next steps before moving forward.

Before we begin their procedure, we’ll make sure the area around your child’s infected tooth has been properly numbed with a local anesthetic. Our Short Pump office also offers a variety of different sedation options for pediatric patients that may have anxiety or fears about their root canals. Only once we have assured your child is as comfortable and relaxed as possible, we will begin the procedure. 

Our GentleWave technology will then thoroughly clean the infected pump chamber. GentleWave procedures are minimally invasive to preserve more of your child’s natural teeth. This industry-leading technology also allows our endodontists to clean and disinfect even the microscopic spaces where bacteria likes to hide that traditional root canal treatments might miss. With Gentlewave root canals for kids, your child will receive a better cleaning experience, significantly reducing the chances of future problems, a retreatment, and additional costs. After the infected tissues have been removed and their treatment is complete, the pulp chamber is filled with endodontic filling material and a crown is placed over the tooth to protect and strengthen it. 

Paying for Your Child’s Root Canal Therapy

At least a portion of root canals for children will be covered by most insurance providers. Our office will gladly help you submit your claims and process your benefits with your dental insurance provider and will make sure you fully understand your out-of-pocket costs of any procedures.

We can also work with you to create a more flexible payment plan through Care Credit

Ready to Fix Your Child’s Teeth? 

Visiting one of our East Coast Endodontic locations throughout Richmond is the best way to help ensure your child continues to have a great smile well into adulthood. When your child needs a root canal on their primary or secondary teeth, you can trust the endodontists at East Coast Endodontists to get the job done right. Our endodontists are specialists, which means they have more training than a general dentist in performing root canals on baby teeth and permanent teeth leading to higher success rates. Call one of our offices in Short Pump (804-506-3636), Midlothian (804-838-3636), and Mechanicsville (804-559-3636) or contact us online to heal your child’s smile today!