Same-day Emergency Root Canals in Richmond, VA

Quickly eliminate your pain with our endodontic treatments

At East Coast Endodontics in Mechanicsville, Short Pump, and Midlothian, our goal is to ensure our patients have healthy, beautiful smiles, and sometimes that means scheduling a same-day emergency root canal therapy. Our emergency endodontists Dr. Harris, Dr. Sedwick, and Dr. Sarnowski have years of experience in providing quick and effective root canal therapy that treats the pain at its source. With the help of our friendly staff at our two conveniently located offices in the Richmond area, you will find our same-day emergency root canals will be just the thing you need to stop your oral pain. Call our Mechanicsville location at (804) 559-3636, our Short Pump location (804) 506-3636 or Midlothian location (804) 838-3636, or set up an emergency appointment online for fast, effective, results.

How urgent root canal surgery can relieve your pain

Emergency root canal therapy should be performed ASAP when you are experiencing intense pain and sensitivity in your tooth that is progressively getting worse. As opposed to a routine root canal, emergency treatment is unplanned as a result of sudden pain in the teeth. This pain can be a result of trauma to the tooth caused by decay, cracks, chips, or multiple dental procedures. When this occurs, the pulp chamber, which is the collection of blood vessel and nervous tissue inside your teeth, can become infected. Potential symptoms of infection might be:

  • visible injury
  • swelling of the tooth
  • temperature sensitivity
  • pain in the tooth or gums

Because these infections can most effectively be managed with a root canal, it is in your best interest to call our Mechanicsville, Short Pump, or Midlothian office as soon as possible before the infection spreads resulting in increased pain and discomfort.

Our Emergency root canal process

When you call one of our Richmond area offices, you will be greeted by our front desk staff who will get your information if you’re a new patient. From there, one of our three amazing emergency endodontists will perform a consultation to determine the next steps. Depending on the severity of your pain, an emergency root canal might be the best option resulting in immediate action. If not treated quickly, the tooth infection can lead to severe decay and your tooth might even fall out. Our emergency root canal therapies typically take an hour or less and is the best chance you have at saving the natural tooth.

Prior to treatment, our emergency endodontist will numb the area so you are comfortably numb.. During the treatment, the pulp chamber and canals will be cleaned and disinfected. Once the root canal is finished, the tooth can be crowned or filled to help with the sensitivity and structure of the treated tooth.

Postoperative care

After treatment, one of our dental assistants will review at home care instructions with you.  . Our endodontists are highly experienced and rarely see complications after treatment. While it is unlikely, some patients might experience:

  • Pain or pressure
  • Swelling inside the mouth
  • Uneven bite
  • Loose crown or filling

If these or any other symptoms occur, don’t hesitate to call one of our Richmond area locations for immediate assistance.

Small price for pain relief

We do our best to make the emergency root canal process streamlined and simple. We are happy to accept most major insurances to offset costs in addition to Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We want treatment to be available for as many people as possible, get in our office today to stop your oral pain. 

Get rid of your pain at East Coast Endodontics in Richmond

Visiting one of our East Coast Endodontic locations in the Richmond, VA area is the fastest and most effective ways to stop the pain and sensitivity you are experiencing. Waiting any longer can lead to a more intense plan of action that will increase pain levels and costs. Call one of our offices in Mechanicsville (804-559-3636), Short Pump (804-506-3636), or Midlothian (804-83803636), or schedule an urgent root canal online for fast pain relief today!