GentleWave Root Canals

East Coast Endodontics is a Gentlewave Authorized Practice

Experience the Ultracleaning Power of GentleWave Technology

Properly cleaning the deepest, intricate parts of your tooth’s root canal system can be a challenge. Fortunately, technology has advanced thanks to incredible innovations – specifically, the GentleWave® Procedure. Best of all, there are no additional fees to take advantage of this amazing technology. Interested in learning more about our GentleWave root canals? Contact us online or call one of our offices in the Richmond area, Short Pump (804-506-3636) and Mechanicsville (804-559-3636), to schedule your appointment today!

The GentleWave Procedure is a state-of-the-art alternative to standard root canal treatment.

The Science Behind This Cutting-Edge Technology

The GentleWave Procedure is a state-of-the-art alternative to standard root canal treatment designed by Sonendo. The ultracleaning technology of the GentleWave system is an advanced combination of fluid dynamics and a broad range of soundwaves that work together to access the hardest-to-reach spaces and remove bacteria, debris and tissue. While a standard root canal treatment may miss some of the bacteria hiding in your pulp chamber, GentleWave root canals are able to reach and clean even the toughest spots, including microscopic places.

You Can Actually See the Difference Between Standard and GentleWave Root Canals

Magnified view of a tooth with standard vs. GentleWave root canal treatment.

Comparing a tooth with a Standard vs. GentleWave root canal.

View of what's left over from a standard vs. GentleWave root canal treatment

Still Not Convinced? Here are Six Great Advantages of Our GentleWave Root Canals: 

1.  Preserve More of Your Natural Teeth

Because the GentleWave procedure strives to be minimally invasive when accessing the infected root canal system, patients are able to preserve more of the natural tooth and, in doing so, is helping to keep the tooth’s structure strong. 

2. Save Time

With the GentleWave Procedure, we can often reduce the number of appointments required. In most cases, the GentleWave procedure can be completed in a single visit and take the same amount of time as a standard root canal (roughly an hour and a half).

3. Deeper Clean Saves You Money

As a GentleWave provider, our endodontists are able to get your infected canals cleaner than a traditional root canal. This cutting-edge technology allows our team to clean away bacteria that live in the small accessory canals that traditional hand filing would not be able to reach. This also reduces the likelihood of needing a retreatment and adding an additional expense you would have to pay. 

4. Minimally Invasive

With this state-of-the-art technology, our endodontists are able to replace many of the invasive instruments used in a traditional root canal procedure. Our GentleWave root canals use a vortex of procedure fluids instead, which patients who have undergone a standard root canal treatment in the past have described as a more comfortable experience. 

5. Minimal Exposure to Aerosols and Pathogens

As a GentleWave provider, our treatments virtually eliminate aerosols. GentleWave procedures are performed in a closed-loop system, which produces virtually no aerosols. All the tools used with this system are also pre-packed, sterile, and single-use, meaning we drastically reduce the risk of cross contamination. Using this system for our root canals drastically decreases your exposure to diseases like COVID-19. 

Ready For a Better Root Canal Experience?

As the first GentleWave provider in Virginia, both our offices in Richmond have years of experience using this cutting-edge technology. Schedule your consultation with one of our endodontists at our Mechanicsville or Short Pump offices in Richmond, VA and discover the difference the GentleWave can make during your next root canal.

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