Sometimes it is necessary to “re-treat” or “revise” a root canal because of infection after initial treatment. Most root canal complications and retreatment cases are a result of inadequate prior root canal therapy, complicated canal anatomy or a leaking restoration that becomes contaminated with oral bacteria. Dr. Harris and his team are experienced in endodontic retreatment procedures, usually returning your tooth and its surrounding tissues to health…and getting you out of pain.

After a thorough examination and discussion about your treatment options, Dr. Harris will remove the previous root canal filling materials and then carefully re-clean the canals. Using a special surgical microscope along with digital radiography, he will evaluate your tooth. After a final cleaning and shaping, Dr. Harris will fill the canals to seal the root canal system.

Within a few weeks, your general dentist will fit your tooth with a new restoration (crown or filling) or repair your current restoration.

For more information on conventional endodontic procedures, please visit the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) website.