This year, Root Canal Awareness Week is March 27th through April 2nd.

rcaw2016posterYou can see the American Association of Endodontist’s official poster for Root Canal Awareness Week here. As you can see, it focuses on three things.

  1. Dentistry has a long and interesting history! Things have changed a lot over just the past few decades. If you’re interested, we wrote a blog post about the history of root canals a while back.
  2. Root canals are now painless! Despite their reputation for being a painful procedure, there is no longer any reason to fear getting a root canal because modern technology and anesthesia have made the procedure simple, easy, and pain-free. In fact, there are many root canal myths that you may think are true but aren’t!
  3. If you need a root canal, you should see a specialist: an endodontist! Since endodontists like our own Dr. Harris are experts in treating the inside of the tooth, you can feel comfortable and confident that you’ll receive the very best care possible.

If you’ve had a root canal recently, you probably already knew all of the above. But think about those that haven’t had to get a root canal that may be avoiding it because they’re afraid the procedure will hurt or because they don’t know any endodontists. You can help us spread root canal awareness – just share the poster image or this blog post on your favorite social media page!