The eleventh annual celebration of Root Canal Awareness Week kicked off on Sunday, May 7! Although modern root canal therapy is virtually painless, pervasive myths still intimidate prospective patients. A survey by the American Association of Endodontists found that as many as 66% of respondents were most afraid that a root canal would hurt. Root Canal Awareness week aims to bridge this gap in knowledge and shut down outdated, false assumptions about treatment to the benefit of oral health nationwide.

East Coast Endodontics is excited to spread the good word about root canals all year long. All patients should know:

  • Root canals do not hurt! Modern medicine saved the day, and you no longer need to fear root canal treatments the way that patients might have been afraid of them in the past. Thanks to advancements in anesthesia, surgical technology, and medication, the procedure is now virtually painless. We have previously written in detail about why root canals are painless..
  • Root canals are fairly straightforward procedures. The age-old aphorism, “knowledge is power,” continues to ring true. Once you appreciate how root canals work, as well as when and why they become necessary, it is easier to shrug off the weight of misinformation and unwarranted fear. Make some time this week to learn about what happens during root canal surgery.
  • There are some very basic steps you can take to reduce or completely eliminate even minor discomfort after a root canal. One of the most important best practices is to be conscientious of what you choose to eat in the days that follow. Check out a list of what (and what not) to eat after a root canal to be sure you set yourself up for success after your procedure.

This year, Root Canal Awareness Week is emphasizing a “superheroes” theme, about which patients of all ages can get excited. Superheroes are beloved for leveraging their wits, technology, and dedication to save the day. Endodontists approach helping patients in much the same way! Thanks to his or her advanced training, specialized techniques, and superior technology, your endodontist is expertly equipped to save your natural teeth.