March 22nd through the 28th is Root Canal Awareness Week, a time to educate the public on root canals and the people that specialize in them; endodontists. Here a few interesting facts about what we do that you might not know!

Root Canals Are Virtually Pain-Free

That’s right – the idea that getting a root canal is a painful experience should be retired. Modern technology makes it possible for endodontists to effectively numb the part of your mouth where they’re working, and during recovery, most patients feel little more than an ache.

Root Canals Save Your Natural Teeth

Even though modern medical technology makes it possible to extract teeth and then replace them with implants that look and act like natural teeth, most Americans (76%) prefer the idea of keeping their natural teeth whenever possible. Root canals often make this possible, even when the area around the tooth is inflamed or infected.

Root Canals Are Common

In 1999, over 16 million root canals were performed in the United States alone! There are a lot of ways to keep your teeth healthy to avoid needing a root canal but sometimes in the case of chipped or cracked teeth resulting from an accident, a root canal is necessary.

An Endodontist Doesn’t Only Do Root Canals

An endodontist is a specialist on the inside of the tooth, so they’re called upon any time that part of the mouth is damaged or sick. There are a variety of practices that endodontists perform in addition to root canals, all devoted to healing the inside of your teeth.

Root Canals Are Highly Effective

Though some root canals do fail, it is rare. Generally, root canal procedures have about a 90% success rate. As long as the tooth and surrounding gums are kept healthy with good oral hygiene, the natural tooth can last a lifetime without any further treatment or therapy.

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