Many patients have questions about the cost of a root canal, and for good reason. Insurance typically covers much of the cost of a root canal procedure, but not necessarily all of it, sometimes leaving some cost to the patient.

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to provide a simple quote for the cost of a root canal, for several reasons.

The Tooth

Most dentists and endodontists charge different amounts for root canals on different teeth, as the complexity of the process varies. Molars tend to be more expensive because there are actually more canals in molars than there are in front teeth, which makes root canals on molars more complicated.

Degree Of Infection

In some cases, it may be necessary to bring the patient back for multiple visits to give time for the infection to clear up before the canal is sealed. In these cases, the cost may be higher.


Some patients need to be operated on immediately, which can incur an emergency fee, as other appointments may need to be pushed back or canceled.

Post-Operation Treatment

Root canals often need to be capped with crowns, which vary in cost due to the material used and which tooth needs to be capped. Sometimes, a filling can be used instead of a crown, keeping the patient’s cost down.


Due to the complex nature of root canals, the field of endodontics specializes on them. This means that endodontists are experts in root canal procedures, and many patients are willing to pay more for the security and experience that provides. It can be less expensive to get a root canal with a dentist or at an endodontic school where students get the opportunity to practice on real patients, while observed by expert teachers, of course.

If you’re curious about the cost of a root canal, give us a call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jesse Harris. That way, we can provide you with your options and discuss cost with all the information we need.

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