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Defend Against Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth can cause intense, immediate discomfort. Patients note a variety of symptoms, including erratic pain when chewing or when the tooth is exposed to temperature extremes. The pain in your tooth may come and go, so your dentist might have difficulty...

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How to Manage Root Canal Pain

Thanks to new technologies, root canals are tremendously more comfortable than in decades past. Recent advances in local anesthetics ensure most patients experience minimal to no discomfort. Recent addition of the has significantly decreased issues during the...

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Good Foods for Dental Health

Milk and other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are low in sugar, which is a good thing for your dental health. Plus, they contain protein and are full of calcium, which can help to strengthen your teeth. Phosphorus-rich foods such as meat, poultry, fish, milk...

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How Important Is Flossing Really?

Just the other day, the New York Times published an article that made the claim that flossing, despite being recommended by dentists and the American Dental Association for decades, lacked the evidence to warrant its perceived importance. The reason this article has...

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Why Don’t Modern Root Canals Hurt?

You may have heard that root canals hurt. In fact, they have a reputation for being one of the most painful experiences you can have at the dentist. The fact is, root canals may have been painful a long, long time ago but advancements in medical technology have made...

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Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

For most people with full-time jobs, dental insurance is included as an employment benefit at little to no cost. It is particularly inexpensive when considered alongside health insurance, which often costs a great deal more. Yet for individuals who don’t have...

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Root Canal Awareness Week

This year, Root Canal Awareness Week is March 27th through April 2nd. You can see the American Association of Endodontist's official poster for Root Canal Awareness Week here. As you can see, it focuses on three things. Dentistry has a long and interesting history!...

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